IPRECON.....India's first student led conference

  • "The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives."
    ~ Russel M. Nelson

    Here is your opportunity to share your knowledge, connect yourself to the Industry professionals and multi disciplinary discussions on the latest advances in an international platform!!

    INDIA'S FIRST IEEE Industry Applications Society CLUB OF 6 TECHNICAL PAPER CONFERENCE - ✨ *2020 IEEE International Power and Renewable Energy Conference (IPRECON)*✨ is on its way to break new grounds. We welcome you all to the integrated crate for the young students and professionals all over the world to embed the technical quality.

    Date : 24th, 25th and 26th July 2020
    Venue :College of Engineering Karunagappally, Kerala, India

    Important Dates:

    Paper Submission Starts : 5th December 2019
    Paper Submission Closes : 29th February 2020
    Notification of Acceptance : 1st April 2020
    Final Camera-ready Paper : 1st May 2020

    1. For Paper Submission visit: https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/iprecon2020

    2.Call For Paper : http://iprecon2020.org/cfp.html

    For more details, visit: www.iprecon2020.org

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    @arunksoman thankyou so much...your reply really busted the stress out of me...can you help with any documentations which i could possibly go through

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    @sreu13 It is possible and a far far better method.

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    @arunksoman hi,..
    actually at this point of time, I'm not willing to risk RPI4,....i thought of connecting the rpi4 to google cloud (already have an account with $300 credit) and proceeding with the code.
    but i do not know if the below process can be executed

    sending image from rpi4 to cloud using this cloud for running prediction the above two processes should be automated and image should be sent to cloud when pi boots up(VM engine can be activated whenever nessesary)

    is this possible?

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    @sreu13 I edited comment please read that again. Most probably it will not effect your file system. In some scenarios it can create worse effect.

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    @arunksoman i'll try this method, but while executing swap command, will the rasbian os and the files it contains be effected??

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