Custom PCB Shapes using Eagle

  • Hello,
    I'm working on a PCB design that uses ESP32 processor. I want to make a custom PCB shape using Eagle(It's by default an arbitrary rectangle in eagle though). How can i make different shapes like circle, Hexagon or any custom PCB shape? Is it possible with Trail version of Eagle ?

  • Hi @kowshik1729,

    Yes, you can import the .dxf drawings file to PCB Board design, but I recommend is that use Autodesk Fusion360, you can collaborate with eagle .

    Step 1: Create Fusion360 design

    Step 2: Select Creat PCB from Creat -> Create PCB

    Step 3: Click Create PCB Profile

    Step 4: Click Finish PCB and Save to Fusion

    Step 5: Open Eagle and Sign with the same account that used Fusion360

    Step 6: Open Board Design file and Select Fusion360 Icon on the right side and Select Option One that links to existing fusion design

    Step 7: Select Fusion Project from the following project list and select the PCB file


    Step 8: Click Pull From Fusion to Sync the design with Eagle

    Step 9: If everything done perfectly you can see the PCB board outline in eagle


    All the best

  • @salmanfaris Woow, thank you soo much. This is very explanatory...!!

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