Kerala Startup Mission Fellowship - 2019

  • Government of Kerala is offering a one-year fellowship to experienced professionals and motivated youngsters interested in contributing to the Government’s mission of making Kerala a vibrant hub of tech startups and talent pool skilled in emerging technologies. Selected fellows will work with Kerala Startup Mission, other Government bodies, industry leaders and associations, startups and other stakeholders to achieve the goals of the fellowship. Each fellow will be assigned a mentor and/or a host institute who will be able to provide guidance and necessary connections.

    • Senior Fellow - Product Marketing
      Minimum 5 years of total experience. The candidate should have startup exposure and proven experience of product marketing or should have been a part of the team which has successfully rolled out tech products into the market.

      Fellowship amount: Rs. 60k - 80k per month
      No of Vacancy: 1

    • Research Fellowships: Future Technologies
      Eligibility: B.Tech/BE with 1-year experience or
      Relevant Industry certification on one of the future technologies + 2 years experience

      Stipend: 20-25k
      No. of vacancy: 2

    • Fellowship: IEDC
      Work closely with KSUM, ICTAcademy of Kerala, the network of IEDC’s in the State and other organisations working towards promoting talent, innovation and entrepreneurship in colleges. Fellows are expected to

      Visit various IEDC’s in the State, and spread awareness about various opportunities available for students.

      Build communities inside colleges, identify potential leaders in these communities and help them create a positive change.
      specific projects as required, which may include outreach, special events and other daily work that aligns with fellows’ abilities and goals.

      Fellowship amount: Upto Rs. 15k - 20k per month for full-time fellowship;
      Rs. 5k - 10k per month for part time fellowship

      No. of vacancy: 4

    • Senior Fellow: Startup Investments

      The candidate should have good exposure to the startup ecosystem and investor networks. It is ideal to have experience handling startup investments.

      Experience: Minimum 5 years experience

      Fellowship amount: Rs. 60k - 80k per month

      No of Vacancy: 1

    • Senior Fellow: Women empowerment

      Masters degree with minimum 3 years of work experience

      Experience: Minimum 3 years experience

      Fellowship amount: Rs. 60k - 80k per month

      No of Vacancy: 1

    • Incubation Fellowship

      Founder of a startup which has raised at least 50k USD or has been acquired.

      Experience: Minimum of 3 years experience

      Fellowship amount: Rs. 30-60k per month

      No of Vacancy: 2

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    @sreu13 I edited comment please read that again. Most probably it will not effect your file system. In some scenarios it can create worse effect.

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    @arunksoman i'll try this method, but while executing swap command, will the rasbian os and the files it contains be effected??

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    Ensure that you are installed tensorflow 1.x since screenshot of your code shows something like
    from keras.layers.convolution import covolution2D
    It is not correct in case for tensorflow 2.0 since keras api is part of tensorflow itself.

    Another thing is try to expand your file system. It should be do with your own risk.

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    It indicates your current swap is only 100mb.
    So you just have to increase by commenting down this line and increase to appropriate value something like shown below for 2GB swap:

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    I believes if it did not helped you, you have to think about MOVIDIUS or NVIDIA Jetson nano etc.

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    @arunksoman tensorflow 2.0.0 version had been installed

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  • @arunksoman thanks,
    I will look more into it. Thanks again

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